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This arena boss-fight was heavily inspired by N64 collectathon bosses, particularly by Army Dillo and Dogadon from Donkey Kong 64. The game was made for a 2-3 month game jam which was focused on graphics with the topics

  • Indirection; You cannot attack the boss directly
  • Volatility; In certain areas you get hacked, slightly changing your control over the robot


Minds can be transferred into machines. Our enemy has taken control over a space-stationesque satellite and is currently trying to boot up the doomsday-laser. Of the two robots up there is one with a weak security protocol, we hacked it and uploaded your mind.
Please be aware that the enemy has areas with nanomachines that can hack your emotion processor, who knows to what result... Oh, and did I mention that your robot has no way of attacking on its own?

How to play

* 64bit OS
* min. 2GB VRAM
* OpenGL 4.x
* on Linux: Alsa

* headphones
* controller
* GT 1030 or better 

mouse + keyboard:
* Walk with WASD/arrow keys
* Jump with Space
* camera with mouse / numpad
* exit with ESC

* Alt+A changes SSAA quality
* Alt+S changes Shadow quality
* Alt+F toggles free camera
* Alt+F11 Linux Fullscreen
* Alt+Enter Windows Fullscreen

Engine Features

Like stated above the game jam was focused on graphics. We had to write our own engines in C++ using OpenGL, trying to implement as many (nice looking) features as possible. The main ones of my implementation are
* async resource loading
* hardware PCF shadows
* area dependent shaders (the nanomachine areas)
* interpolated skeleton animation
* 3D sound
* PBR & GGX shader with cubemap reflections
* deferred shading
* instanced rendering
* selective depth-prepass


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psychokinesis-linux-x64.zip 214 MB
Version 1
psychokinesis-windows-x64.zip 212 MB
Version 1

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